Saturday, March 26, 2011


At this time of the year, Cotten's garage is still fairly cold for class up here in the Pacific Northwet.

Sometimes, silat class is about technique–principles and applications.

John, L. Maha Guru, R.

L. to R.:  Olivier, Steve, Maha Guru Plinck

L. to R: Bill, Cotten, Orange Tabby and Steve

Sometimes, it's about the neighborhood cat who wanders into the garage to see what's going on ...

A typical gathering

L. to R. - Front row: Ashley, Tiel, Olivier, Todd
Second Row: Cotten, Maha Guru Plinck
Back Row: Bill, Steve, Cam, John

(All photos by Ashley Chung or Cotten Blackwell)


  1. Lucky, lucky people to have one small group training with Maha Guru.

    I have been involved in all sorts of training from one to one to large workshops and a small garage size groups remain my favourite, I understand the Dutch groups train the same way.

    Just wish Maha Guru lived in London. I am even jealous of the cat!



  2. Don't we know how lucky we are.

    There are a few more students who usually grace the garage, but for whom various reasons kept them out of this group shot -- Edwin has gotten a job out of town, and Irene has a young son to watch; Toby's job takes him afield; Barnes has moved, first to L.A., then to Atlanta; Gregory travels to visit his wife, whose medical residency is across the country, and also to Asia. Ken is in a night class for a while. Got a couple out for illnesses ...

    We tend to have larger classes in the summer when we are at Guru's house in the sand pit. But interestingly, more than half the faces in this group picture were also in the group photo taken at the Djuru One video shoot, and that more than ten years ago ...

  3. I am glad steve is wearing the hoody from my CrossFit William G