Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Those of you following this blog know I've mentioned that Maha Guru has been doing some revamping on the eighteen basic djurus of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Sera Plinck. An evolution, not revolution, calling upon his experience and expertise, to refocus the moments in an improved way. 

If you know the old versions, you won't have any problem recognizing the newer versions; however, the purposes of the changes might take some work to learn and internalize. 

This summer, he will be committing these to video. 

I don't have the details yet, save that it is in the offing, and while they may become available only to his own students worldwide, I don't know that, either. Mostly, his students are the ones who drop by here, so this is news you might find interesting. (I certainly did, and I'll reserve my copy of the video as soon as I can.)

I'll keep you posted as I learn more about the project. Stay tuned ...

Update: The video has just been recorded, but won't been produced for distribution for a while, probably sometime this fall. Mostly, it's just Guru doing the djurus; there is some other material in it, but the djurus are the focus.

Guru has indicated he will allow distribution to students outside our branch of silat.

As I have said, if you know the forms now, you won't be lost looking at the new versions; none of the principles are violated; however, there are differences in stance; position; and, angles on various parts of the hand- and foot-work have been adjusted. The goal was to add in material that Guru felt needed to be part of the complete package. Nothing you learned before is wrong; this just gives you more bang for your buck ...