Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Vids

If you are a student of Maha Guru Plinck, you have access to the Resonant Video vids produced by Guy Bowring. These are unavailable generally, without permission from Guru.  

There's a new set out, from this past spring, three of them, from the Colorado seminar in April, 2012.

These are going to be something of a revelation for students who haven't had a chance to see the new material Guru has been incorporating into the system, the stance, the change in djurus, some other tweaks. 

(NOTE: There will be a public video on the updated version of the djurus, but that won't be out for a while, it's in the can, and will probably become available sometime this fall; these are not that video, these are nuts-and-bolts in applications using the new djuru focus, and if you haven't trained with Guru in the last year or two, you'll see some stuff you haven't seen before. Guru did some reconstruction on material going back at least to Oom John and Pak Ventje, and picked up some things that have been lost for a while.)

I've been giving you heads-up on this, and here is your chance to see it if you haven't. Of course, it's not hands-on training with Guru, which is the best way to learn, but it something not everybody can get.

The video teaser above, done in the Coming Attractions! style, hokey, but fun, is taken from the seminar. 

Guy's link is over there in the sidebar; however, you can get there here, too. You have to jump through some hoops to get to view the new stuff for students only, but if you've been there before, you can manage it. If not, you can send guy an email, and he'll walk you through it. 

Good stuff. My copies are on the way ...


  1. Are the new Djurus meant to replace the old ones?

  2. Yep, the new ones will supercede the old ones. Reasons for this go to efficiency -- Guru has tweaked the djurus and langkas and made them work better when you are using them for real.

    Mostly what you'll see is the stance is different, it's closer to an open-horse than a front stance, to protect your center. Punches are angled differently for high and low. Also the hips come more into play for power delivery, once you are in. It doesn't look all that different if you aren't familiar with the djurus/langkas, which technically are the handwork and footwork, respectively, but if you have been doing 'em the old way, you'll see it right off.

    Soon as the video is available, I'll put a note up here.