Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Upcoming Video

I came across this while I was looking for something else -- it's a short clip from what was a June, 2010, seminar. 

The technique in the teaser is a block and biset (foot-drag) takedown. 

Maha Guru Plinck, to the left in the b.g.,  sports his Yul Brynner look. 

I haven't heard from Guy Bowring, at Resonant Video, when it will be available or what it will cover and cost, but as a heads-up for Sera fans, there's the link. 

Guy doesn't make any real money at this, it's a service for the instructors and students of the art, and there are a couple of vids by Guru Plinck, one on the knife, and another that is a multi-instructor seminar in Las Vegas. If you are lucky enough to train with Guru Plinck, you know how terrific the quality of instruction is; if you can't make it to a seminar, the videos are worth having.


This, from Edwin:

"It is available, to people registered on the Resonant Video website student as Serak students, at least: I've had them for a few weeks now.

The set is four DVDs, one for Friday, two for Saturday, one for Sunday.

• Groundwork and Why to Train It
• Entering - "Meaningful" Training
• Entering - Receiving with Structure
• Entering - Structure vs. Movement
• Entering - Correct Timing & Shoulder Line
• Entering - Second Shoulder Line
• Entering - Coordinating the Hips
• Entering - Receiving with the Lower Art
• Entering - Generating & Receiving
• Entering - Understanding of Sambut 1
• Entering - Q&A (Training Entries)
• Knife - Grip & Range
• Knife - Protecting the "Backup Hand"
• Knife - Timing & Entering
• Knife - Using Sera Basics
• Knife - Q&A (Range)

Saturday (Disc 1)
• Using Partner's Intent to Train Your Timing
• Critique of Attendees' Jurus
• Why Train Jurus this Way
• Structure for Correct Timing & Movement
• Defensive Sambut 1
• Defensive Sambut 2
• Taking Applications from Sambuts 1 & 2
• Defensive Sambut 3
• Defensive Sambut 4
• Defensive Sambut 5
• Defensive Sambut 6
• Defensive Sambut 7
• Defensive Sambut 8
• Defensive Sambut 9
• Defensive Sambut 10
• Defensive Sambut 11
• Defensive Sambut 12
• Defensive Sambut 13
• Defensive Sambut 14
• Defensive Sambut 15
• Defensive Sambut 16

Saturday (Disc 2)
• Guru Bob - Receiving Without Stepping
• Guru Bob - Receiving & Taking a Step
• Guru Bob - Shoulders, Hips & Moving
• Guru Bob - Hip Orientation & Movement
• Guru Bob - Arm Structure
• "Short & Sweet" Combinations
• Sera Punch Strategies
• The Application of Hard/Soft Training
• Attacking Sambut 1
• Attacking Sambut 1 (Using Jurus 2 & 3)
• Attacking Sambut 2
• Attacking Sambut 3
• Guru Plinck's Personal Sambut Variations
• Sambut Summary & Analysis
• Level 1 of Juru Understanding
• Juru 1 with Level 1 Understanding
• Juru 1 with Level 2 Understanding
• Juru 1 with Level 3 Understanding
• Juru 1 with Level 4 Understanding
• Level 5 Understanding
• Q&A - The "Level Down" & Pukulan
• Honesty About Your Training Progression
• Juru 2
• Juru 3
• Juru 4
• Juru 5
• Juru 6
• Q&A - Juru 3, Juru 4, Juru 5

• Introduction & Guru Bob - Juru 5 Applications
• Recognizing Stylization in Sera• Importance of Position as a Defense
• Footwork to Change Structure & Position
• Understanding Upper Art, Lower Art & Distance
• Guru Plinck's Preferred Variations
• Tiga - Applied with Understanding
• Tiga - Transition from Training to Real Timing
• Tiga - Defensive Footwork Using Attacking Sambut
• Tiga - Defensive Sambut 15 Applied with Understanding
• Footwork Changes the Flavor of a Juru
• Adjusting Technique Based Upon Distance
• Footwork is the Key to Timing
• Juru 6 & Weapon Principles
• Knife - Recognizing Disarm Opportunities
• Knife - Disarming with Leverage & Efficiency
• Knife - Cover High/Low & Strive for Position
• Knife - Countering with Empty Hands & Checking
• Knife - Dealing with More Realistic Attacks
• Knife - Intent & Attacking Sambuts
• Knife - Recap & Summary
• Knife - Transfer to Inside Using Upper Base
• Knife - Transfer to Outside Against Upper Feed
• Knife - Distinguishing Sera Knife from Other Styles
• Knife - Importance of Stab with the Transfer
• Knife - Transfers as Counters & Training
• Knife - "Checking" as Transfers to Gain Position
• Knife - Training Transfers
• Knife - Anticipating Opponent's Transfers
• Knife - Transfers - How to Train
• Machete - Basic Movement (Solo & 2-Man Drill)
• Machete - 2-Man Drill - Creating an Opening
• Machete - 2-Man Drill - Stabbing & Wing Block
• Machete - 2-Man Drill - Counter Low Attack
• Machete - Q&A - Footwork
• Q&A - Sliwa Demonstration
• Q&A - Turnaround & Variations
• Q&A - Training Drills & Footwork"


  1. They're available, Steve. I've had the three-DVD set for a few weeks now. You may need to register as a Serak student on Resonant Video's site to see them though.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Is the form of Silat practiced by Guru Plinck realted to Bukti Negara.



  3. Greg --

    Yep. Sera(k) is the mother art; Bukti is one of the daughters. Pendekar Paul de Thouars came up with Bukti as a way to be able to teach Americans -- Sera(k) was a closed-door system, in that he was only teaching it to Dutch/Indonesians. Bukti was a filter, at least in the beginning. If you stayed long enough to learn it, you might be deemed worthy to learn Sera(k).

    Later, Bukti took on a life of its own, but back when I was learning it, it had fewer djurus and sambuts, and no weapon work of which to speak.

  4. This was a great weekend with lots of great infomation from Guru. I can't wait to get out and see him again to refine my stuff.....

    How is it going Steve, long time no see.


  5. Thanks for your answer, I really like Guru Plinck's attention to principles. I practice and teach Wing Chun and the most engaging thing about the art for me is the application of principles and not set techniques. I would love to train with Guru Plinck at some point; do you know of anyone teaching Sera in the S.F. Bay area?
    Thank you

    Greg LeBlanc

    P.S. I am a huge fan of your books.

  6. Nobody I know teaching Sera in SF. There are some Sera(k) teachers in the L.A. area, but nobody I'd point you at. (Cass Magda teaches some Sera in his stuff, he was one of Guru Plinck's early students. And Guru Cliff Stewart is great, but they are in SoCal.)

  7. Thanks for the reply.



  8. Hi,

    So if you are not a student of Guro Plinck, there is no way of getting hold of these DVDs?


  9. I don't know for certain. If you contact Guy, he then checks with Guru Plinck to see if it is okay; if you are a serious student of silat, even if not our particular branch, that might be enough. I think it varies from case to case.

  10. Hello Mr. Perry,

    My father and I are both very interested in learning Sera Silat through Maha Guru Plinck. Is there a listing or any information available as far as Maha Guru Plinck's seminar's and/or training camps for 2011? We are based out of Saskatchewan, Canada but are open to travelling for training. Tank you very kindly.


  11. Jay --

    I'll see if I can get the information and put it up here.

  12. Much appreciated Mr. Perry. Thanks again!

  13. Greetings!

    Guro Richardson suggested I learn Bukti through Mahaguro Plinck. Please provide next series of steps to proceed.

  14. Ignatius --

    Guru Plinck isn't teaching Bukti any longer, I'm afraid. He stopped that fourteen or so years back, as I recall.

    Guru Cliff Stewart, in SoCal still does some of this, I think. Otherwise, Pendekar Paul and his branch are the folks to see for Bukti Negara. Our version of Silat Sera isn't anywhere close to it.